Cloud Migration Services

Azure Migrate provides a hub of tools to discover, assess, and migrate on-premises applications, infrastructure, and data. Centrally plan and track the migration in one central dashboard.

Our Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration does not need to be a complex, time consuming, or costly effort. ITCP’s Migration approach simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost of cloud migration by offering a highly automated lift-and-shift solution.
Enterprises looking to quickly rehost their machines to Azure can use ITCP’s Migration approach without worrying about compatibility, performance disruption, or long cutover windows. Any re-architecture that needs to be done can be performed more easily after your machines are running on Azure.
Our Cloud Adoption & Migration continually replicates your source machines into a staging area in your Azure account without causing downtime or impacting performance. When you’re ready to launch the production machines, ITCP automatically converts your machines from their source infrastructure into the Azure infrastructure so they can boot and run natively in Azure.

Cloud Migration Strategies

Every workload that exists in your environment will use one of six migration strategies.

Here’s how we helped our customers migrate their applications in 2020:


Rehost: Lift and shift your application from a physical system to a virtual machine.


Replace: Move to a newer version of an existing application.


Refactor: Completely rearchitect your application for the cloud.


Replatform: Lift, tinker, and shift your application into the cloud.


Retain: Keep your application as is.


Retire: Shut down applications that are no longer useful.


To start, we get to know your core building components, the architecture of your applications, what’s driving your move to cloud, the business goals we need to meet, and the key players so we can build a cloud migration that’s right for your business.


Our cloud migration assessment looks at your current workloads, server configurations (virtual/physical), network architecture, security concerns, and compliance requirements. Then we document all your system details, down to the different interdependencies that exist in each application.


Using everything we’ve learned about your business, we’ll build out a custom cloud migration plan based on your applications, databases, storage, network topology, and servers.


This is where the cloud migration planning sets into motion. We migrate your workloads into the new environment, but we don’t stop there. Once the initial deployment is operational, cloud migration testing begins. We watch closely to get a good feel for how the new environment handles the load.



A gradeOptimized


Based on real-world data, we find ways to optimize your cloud solutions. We may add H/A functionality to protect against outages, or right-size your instances so you can fulfill your needs at the lowest cost. Then we start the monitor-optimize cycle again.


Once all key goals have been met and cloud migration risks avoided, we move the application to its steady state where our managed services practice can run and maintain it.

Our runbooks make sure everyone has the information necessary to keep your apps running and supported through the rest of their lifecycle.


Total Peace of Mind

Our migration methodology is tested and proven over hundreds of successful migration projects with many leading global brands, resellers and service providers. We've earned that trust from hundreds of clients in dozens of industries, and we know we can earn it from you.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop partner to deliver outstanding results from your cloud migration in hours and days, not weeks and months, talk to our Cloud Migration Experts today:

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